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Newark Fire Department Bulletin Board

LaTorre Lardiere stone.jpg

This site is an unofficial page of the Newark NJ Fire Department The above stone is located in Br. Brook Park dedicated to Capt.Vic Lardiere, FF Russel Schoemer and BC Dom LaTorre LODD 1972


This site is dedicated to all members past and present that served in the Newark N.J. Fire Department and more importantly to those members that sacrificed their life in the line of duty.For details on how they died, go to on links page

New monument LODD.jpg

Newark Fire Museum

HONOR ROLL LODD 2007 Cornelius Nolton 2001Lawrence Webb 1999Richard Heinze1994Michael DeLane 1991Joseph McCarthy1986Marcus Reddick 1984James Murray1980Harry F. Halpin 1977Joseph Doll1976Larry Caufield 1972Dominick N. LaTorre1972Anthony V. Lardiere 1972William Olvaney1972Russell Schoemer 1972Emilio Pinal1972Daniel McCoy1969 Patrick DiGiacomo 1969Thomas F. Martin1968John DiNicolas 1968Edward J. Dennis1967Michael F. Moran 1966Raymond Reilly1965Hugo Gambacorta 1964William Reed1963Frank Kirkbrida 1962Salvatore Vacca1961Joseph Buhl 1957Leonard S. Growney1951William C. Catherwood 1950Frank Welch1948Benedict Witus 1948William Manger1946Francis Corbett 1941James E. Gillick1939John J. Walser 1938John E. Schumacher1938Arthur J. Kinsella 1938Fred Herrman1938George D. Frainey 1937George D. Frainey1933Joseph P. Lynch 1929John A. Curran1929John J. Wagner 1920Dennis Guidera1916Joseph J. Owens 1916Richard C. Duenwaid1915John A. Stuetz 1915William Flood1911Alfred L. Blebel 1907Charles E. Beebe1907Benjamin Birsch Jr. 1904Leo Ross1904Jacob Bleyhle 1904William B. Crane1903William Boland 1903John J. Dougherty1900John Brown 1899Charles W. Kinsey1894James Stivers 1883Daniel Mcgee1882Alfred H. Budd 1881Wilson E. Hennion1878George T. Yatman 1877James Lee1857Jacob Allen

FF Monument.JPG

NFD Moument Mt. Pleasant cemetery


St. Patrick Pro Cathedral Ceremony

Next Memorial Service Nov.24,2013 St. Patricks Pro Cathedral Central Ave. and Washington St.