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Retired Medical Benefits


From Tony Tarantino President of Fire Officers Union Retired Members The City has sent out Horizon Direct Access cards to retirees who are in the Horizon Traditional Plan. The City has unilaterally changed plans on retired members in the Traditional plan. Please be assured the unions are aware of this change and will seek to resolve the matter in the appropriate arena to protect your contractual right to the Traditional plan or something substantially similar but not less than. We have already started the ball rolling and have a PERC conference scheduled right after Easter. Unfortunately, if we don't succeed in getting an injunction on this attempt by the City to renege on their contractual obligations you will have to use the Direct Access cards effective April 1st and we will have to take our case to an arbitrator or superior court. We are prepared to do whatever it takes.

Tribute to FF Frank Bellina


After 34 years of service F/F Frank Bellina is retiring September 1st from the Newark Fire Department. No one is more passionate and dedicated to the betterment and safety of our Brothers and Sisters as well as the general public at large. The NFD Special Operations Division is a model for any city to emulate. All who served with Frank in the Unit as well as folks in the public safety community would agree that Frank Bellina is the premiere Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) expert in the state of New Jersey and the surrounding area. Frank has created and built with the help of his team, and little funding, mock disaster drills ranging from building collapses, subway bombings and major tunnel disasters. These exercises provided an opportunity for the Newark USAR team and teams from around the state to practice using their skills and equipment. He also erected training scenarios used by the fire department on a daily basis. No easy task when you consider the scope and detail involved, not to mention a bureaucracy that would have deterred most from even trying.The Newark Fire Department training grounds are by no means a modern state of the art facility but because of this one man's persistence,vision and with the support of his unit he fought to keep alive the standards and traditions of a great institution stripped of it's training academy several years before. But for all those accomplishments listed in the second chapter of his career, Frank will always be a fire fighter first. Serving for over 20 years at Engine 6 and Engine 12. Thank you Frank Good Luck and God Bless, John Sandella (ret)

From the Ramos Family


My Brothers; On behalf of my wife Juliet and my family I would like to say "Thank you"!! Thank you for that generous donation given to my wife for the battle she has ahead of her. She was overcome with emotions apon receiving it . We truly appreciate all the love and prayer that the band has sent our way, we are blessed to be in this family that is the Newark Fire Dept... She is keeping strong and will beat this.... Again , THANK YOU ALL MY DEAR BROTHERS AND GOD BLESS.......



Brothers, The Board Members of the United Civil Servants Association would like to thank all those who helped with and attended our first annual, "Comedy Night" last Saturday. It was an overwhelming success attended by nearly 200 who were treated to a great night of food, drinks and laughter from 3 Comedy Central comedians, Tommy Gooch, Vic Dibitetto and John Mulrooney who were all on top of their games that night! During the night, we also presented the 2 winners of our bi-annual scholarship essay contest with their $500 checks and raised over $200 for American Cancer Society from 50/50 raffle in which the winner also donated back $100 to the cause making the overall donation over $300. I was told that it was Javier Cruz' date who won and donated back. Classy move and well appreciated! Always big thanks to both our unions and Hispanic Firefighters Associaton who always support our events. I lost sleep Saturday night after realizing that while thanking our supporters that night and in my haste to get off the stage, I failed to mention the great contribution of Ray Montalvo who is ALWAYS donating his time and DJ equipment and talent to ALL our events. He's the first one there to set up and help and the last one to leave. If it wasn't for him, the comedians wouldn't have had the proper sound they wanted for the evening. THANKS RAY! My apologies for not making sure all in attendance know how important you are to the U.C.S.A. You know when an event like this is successful when the comedians all call me the next day to thank us for having them and for having a great night! A night like this pretty much assures us of making this an annual event. Comedy Night 2014 tentatively set for October, 2014. Next up: July 12, Blaze on the Beach! Thanks again for all the support! Sincerely, Danny Farrell and Board Members of the U.C.S.A.

New Book Published

Marcell daughter on TV.jpg

DC Ken Marcell's daughter on CBS talk show talking about her new book. "The Medium Within"

Congratulations John Sandella


Congratulations to my friend Brother Sandella. I am proud to have worked alongside him over theses many years going back to our days on the executive board of the Firemen's Union Local 4 then affiliated with a much different FMBA. Many of us who worked with John way back then recognized that he was bright, articulate and destined to serve in a leadership role of some sort in the future.He did not disappoint. John took the point on our efforts to secure retirement benefits for our widows when we die before we've left the job and along with Brother Gerard Rosamelia was able to secure the preservation of unit work provisions of our contract that allow for no unit to leave quarters without an officer. Many have taken credit for this most significant stride, some lending themselves to aspects of its evolution, some throwing up roadblocks, but I was there and watched it and these two guys nailed it down for us in its present form. Money is the mother's milk of politics and we, like it or not, are political animals.Our PAC fund, begun under his tutelage, allowed us to represent our members even more effectively and has positioned us as a force to be reckoned with both now and in the future. Let it never be underestimated. So it goes without saying that Local 1860 benefited greatly from John's leadership and still does. However, in addition to the strides he was able to make for our local at the same time he was lending his expertise and guidance to both our state and national associations. The successes, and there were many, of our state and national agenda over the last twenty years took much hard work and perseverance. When times got tough it was the vision of people like John Sandella that saw us through and brought us to the pinnacle of success. Today's leadership is well served by the value of his example as they face the challenges laid before them. John has always understood the importance of unity and its effect on those by whom we are governed. He recognizes the intrinsic value that both the PFANJ and IAFF deliver for our dues dollar and worked tirelessly to see that our resources were expended in a prudent and most beneficial way. He is most deserving of the recognition to be bestowed upon him by our proud union. So much congratulations to John, the IAFF has recognized something that those of us paying attention knew all along. Jack Doll -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: To: Sent: 7/11/2012 12:54:17 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time Subj: IAFF Local Leadership Award To all PFANJ members: At a previous IAFF Convention, a Local Leadership Award program was established. This award program currently honors eight local leaders from the entire membership of the IAFF at the Bi-Annual convention of the IAFF. The Local Leadership Award was established to champion the standard of Leadership set by Dennis J. Murray, one of the longest-serving local presidents in IAFF history and the first recipient of the award. This year there were 116 nominations for the award, and we have been notified that one of our own is one of the eight recipients being recognized at the 2012 IAFF Convention. It is with great pleasure that I inform you that on Tuesday, July 24th Brother John Sandella will be recognized as one of the eight recipients of the IAFF Local Leadership Award. Please join me in congratulating Brother Sandella on his selection for this very prestigious award. Congratulations John, well deserved! Dominick Marino, President Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey, IAFF, AFL-CIO 24 W. Lafayette Street Trenton, NJ 08608 (609) 396-9766

The Critchley's

The Critchley's.jpg

Photo and story courtesy of the Essex Retired Police and Fire Association



The board members of the United Civil Servants Association would like to thank all those who attended the Oral Prep Class for the upcoming Captain's Test. The class was open to ALL Newark Firefighters preparing to sit for the oral part of the exam. We were satisfied not only with those who attended, but with the information offered by Elizabeth B/C John Young, who is soon-to-be President of the U.C.S.A. Chapter in Elizabeth. Also, thanks to Rob Lynch at Kilkenny's Ale House for always taking good care of us with any NFD event. We would like to have any and all comments and/or thoughts regarding the class and certainly hope it was helpful. You can e-mail comments to and best of luck to all taking the test. U.C.S.A. website is under construction and we hope to be up and running next month. Board Members of U.C.S.A.

Troop Packages


From: To: Sent: 1/4/2012 1:00:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time Subj: Troop Packages Tom, Could you please put out the word to all our members and retiree's that I am still sending packages to our troops in harms way. If any of our guy's has a child or close relative serving in a war zone, please forward their address with your phone number to me. Also, if any of our active members are serving in the Guard and are currently deployed to a war zone, I would like their address. Hopefully, no more packages will be needed by the end of 2012 ! Thanks,Tom..........Ed Caufield

Thank you


All of us at the Michael J. DeLane Memorial Fund would like to thank all who came to this years event As always, A grand time was had by all. This was the 14th annual. I would like to take the time to thank all those who helped make it possible. For the many great raffel prizes, The United Civil Servents, The Hispanic Firefighters and EMS association, The Newark Fire Officers Union, The Newark Firefighters Union. The Bell and Siren Club.Special thanks to BC Damian Emerick for his many years at the gate To the many people who help make it happen, Tom McGovern and his nephew Pat, The cooking staff of Tommy Mellilo and Norm Bellina, Matt Marsiniack, And to the many others who helped pitched in. We are there to help members in need and others in our community. And with all of your help, will continue to do so. Please remember the 38th Annual N.F.D. Memorial Golf outing on Sept 26th. .

9/11 Disgrace


An oversight The decision by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg not to allow off-duty uniformed firefighters and police officers to participate in the 10th anniversary ceremony of the attacks on the World Trade Center is disgraceful. As a result, we have lost an opportunity to share with a new generation the great example of humanity exhibited by those first responders on Sept. 11, 2001. On that day, it was the heroic actions of those on duty that saved the lives of hundreds of people. The devotion to their oath is a model of what it means to be an American and reminds us that our freedom is a result of brave sacrifice. We will never forget. John Sandella, Verona Published in the Star Ledger 9/13/11

George Daudelin


TOM: I hope this short email doesn't seem like I forgot the amazing job you guys did at the Scholarship dance this year. Everyone, in attendance had nothing but great things to say regarding the presentation and what a great job and performance everyone did. I only wish I could have spent more time with everyone. I am humbled by being a part of the Newark Fire Department family. I did email Ray Montalvo, and Tommy Sablong about how great it was to have you guys be part of our celebration of his life. I hope they were able to share my thoughts with everyone. I apologize for not getting to a practice to drop of our donation and the plaque but its been kind of hectic. My Wife Annette just returned to work after being off for back surgery for 10 months so its tough for her once she makes it home she is exhausted. I saw on the calendar that you have practice the next couple of weeks, Hopefully, I'll be able to see you guys within the upcoming weeks. Give my regards to everyone hope to see you sooner than later. Thanks George Daudelin P.S. If you send me an address I can put our donation in the mail, however, the plaque I will wait until I see you in person

George Daudelin Fund Letter

Daudelin Letter.jpg  

DC Ed Wall (Ret) responds to report on the Newark riot


On May 24, 2011, at 10:57 AM, wrote: In a message dated 5/24/2011 10:46:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes: Tom, I do not want to perpetuate the foolishness that Ms Siegal entertained in her paper for Penn State U, but I do want to clarify a few issues. I was the Battalion Chief working in the Fourth Battalion on the day the riot started. People drove a vehicle into Flax Furniture store and then all hell broke loose. She did not interview ONE fire fighter of fire officer. She speaks about police brutality as the reason for the brutality of the riot. We, the firefighters, were the victims of attack by rocks, garbage cans and YES sniper fire. Six Engine and the 4th Battalion chief were taken under fire from the low income project across the street. We had bullet holes in the front doors. When the Chief (me and Willie Mulvanie) responded to a fire we were shot at from a window of the house across the alley from six engine. When I returned the State Police Officer showed me where the gun fire came from. The window was right across from the window in my office. Filing cabinets were then placed in front of the window. Yes, they did kill the shooter. Mike Moran, Capt of 11 Truck was shot in the back off a ladder he was climbing to search for fire victims. I could go on and on but I'll give you a break. After the riot I had the investigation from the Fire Depts. side. We recorded 33 incidents where either fire houses or apparatus were hit. Yes I said hit. By bullets fired by snipers not the NG or Police. And unlike her witnesses I did see violent citizens not violent police. Ed Wall (retired Newark Fire and proud of it)

Firefighter of the Year


Kudos to Firefighter Frank Bellina of the Special Operations Div. Frank is being honored by the N.J. Deputy Fire Chiefs Assn. as "Firefighter of the Year" on June 6, 2011 at their monthly meeting. On a personal note, having worked with Frank in that division, I can say it is well deserved for all he has done not only for the city but the entire rescue service of the state. If you asked for dog shit at 1500 he would say "what color" and have it there by 1400 hours. Congratulations Frank

Documentary Film


From: To: Sent: 5/12/2011 12:16:28 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time Subj: Documentary Film Tom would you please send this out to the members ? My Son Kevin is an award-winning filmmaker. He's currently developing a documentary film about the riots in Newark in 1967. He's hoping to do interviews with police and firemen who were on duty in Newark during that time and have first hand memories of the events of that summer. The time and place can be arranged to your convenience. If you are interested, please contact Kevin at NewarkNJ@yahoo,com and leave a phone number where he can reach you. Jim McLaughlin

WW2 Vets NFD


The Firefighter Michael J. Delane fund is planning honoring Newark Firefighters that served in the military during WW2 1941 to 1945 by having a granite memorial made. If you know of any memberof the NFD that served please advise us of their name and branch of service. I know many have passed away and a complete list will be difficult to get, but hopefully by next memorial day we can do it. If anyone has a roster of the old Firemens VFW Post on Grafton Ave. please forward it. FF Thomas Silk was the first Newark Firefighter to die while in the Navy 1942. There is a memorial plaque honoring him at the Clinton Ave. firehouse. A pending list can be seen on the Veteran Memorial page of this site

Firefighter Art Knispel


LTJG David's part in saving the abandoned submarine earned him the Medal of Honor, the only Medal of Honor awarded to an Atlantic Fleet sailor in World War II. Torpedoman's Mate Third Class Arthur W. Knispel and Radioman Second Class Stanley E. Wdowiak each received the Navy Cross; and Commander Trosino received the Legion of Merit. Seaman 1C Earnest James Beaver was awarded the Silver Star of the Navy for valor. He was a member of the boarding party. Captain Gallery, who had conceived and executed the operation, received the Distinguished Service Medal. The task group itself was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. Admiral Royal E. Ingersoll, Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, cited the Task Group for "outstanding performance during anti-submarine operations in the eastern Atlantic on 4 June 1944, when the Task group attacked, boarded and captured the German submarine U-505 … The Task Group's brilliant achievement in disabling, capturing, and towing to a United States base a modern enemy man-of-war taken in combat on the highUnited States seas is a feat unprecedented in individual and group bravery, execution, and accomplishment in the Naval History of the ."[21] The complete story can be found by googleing U-505 WW 2

2/16/11 Kudos


The seminar below was held on Feb.12,2011 and the entire proceeds of the event were donated to the family of Firefighter Jason Fazio approx. $15000. Kudos to DC John Riker NFD (Ret) and the entire staff of the company he belongs to,as they took no profit for this seminar. I found out about this at the Feb. 15 racket and thought it should be noted. Also, the Newark Firefighters Union (Chuck West President ) presentd a check for $1000 at a fund raising event for Fazio. Well done lads TPM Training Seminar to Benefit Injured Asbury Park (NJ) Firefighter Jan 15, 2011 Asbury Park (NJ) Firefighter Jason Fazio remains in critical condition at St. Barnabas Burn Center after sustaining injuries on January 10, 2011, at a three-alarm fire on Main Street. Fazio, a 17-year veteran of the department, was performing a search for victims when he was caught in a flashover that forced him to save himself by jumping out of a second floor window. His injuries include fractures and burns as a result of the incident.

Help Our Troops


Anyone with sons,daughters or relatives serving in the military the message below from Ed Caufield will explain a great cause for our troops. His address is Ed Caufield 25 Townsbury Rd Great Meadows, NJ 07838 I've been sending packages to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for about three years now. I usually send to local kids in my area. I have a few jugs set up around town like the Knights of Columbus hall and a couple Gin Mills that help support the effort. The money's fair but I'm running out of names and addresses. If any of our guys have kid's serving in war zones,I'd be happy to send a package to them. It means the world to them. Being retired does have it's benefits. Also, if anyone would like to contribute to the cause, believe me, it's a good one! Thanks.....ED

1/23/11 Mary Tokanos


To all who knew Harry and helped him in some way thru life , I want to express my sincere thanks. He spoke of all of you in his the last year with fond memories. Many times he said that even knowing how it would all end, He would never have changed a single thing. He loved the fire dept and the men he worked with. on and off the job . A man of faith, honor and good will, he is deeply missed. Today is the one year anniversary of his transplant and our hope for a reprieve from the disease he suffered so long. He had wanted me to reach out and thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, and kindness to him. But for the last 3 months that has not been possible for me to do. Today in my sadness I am trying to do what he had wanted. To let you know he appreciated every kindness . Thank you for everything that you did for him in life and at the time of his death. I will never forget all that you have done . Mary

1/11/11 Asbury Park


I just heard from my son Joe (Who is on the APFD and drove the family to the burn center the morning), Jason is in extremely critical condition. He has 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body. He's a big, strong guy, which is in his favor. That being said, the burns are so extensive, that all we can do is pray at this time. He's getting the very best of care, in one of the best specialized burn hospitals. Joe Ryan (Battalion Chief-Newark NJ Fire Dept. Retired)

12/31/10 Soltysik


~ Tom, I had the pleasure of working with Wayne on Bergen St. after he got promoted. We "hit it off" immediately, both being the same age and Vietnam vets. After Wayne retired, I reconnected with him at Ortley Beach, where we sat for the past 15 summers in the sand or at The Surf Club. He always said " I made a better fireman than a Captain." I never believed that, but there was no arguing with Wayne. Always the first to grab the tip, even as the boss. He was low key, but the best usually are. He will be surely missed. Tom Soltysik

12/31/10 Gesualdo


Tom, thanks so much for keeping this sight up to date so we can stay in touch with the Dept. news as well as each other. Wayne and I go back to Barringer H.S. football, Vietnam, and the Fire Dept. Wayne was one of the gutsiest guys you could ever know. On the filed as well as at a fire. He never allowed his slight stature to be an obstacle. While in Vietnam he earned many citations, including a Purple Heart. He was genuine friend and will be missed by many. AL GESUALDO

12/31/10 Langenbach


After the Academy, Wayne I worked together on Belmont Avenue, with him in 12 Engine and me in 5 Truck. The 70s were great a time to learn the craft of firefighting and Belmont Avenue was the perfect training ground. Wayne was the consummate firefighter; tough as nails at a job, and a lot of fun between them. Anyone who was fortunate to have worked with him can add story after story which will give testimony to the firefighter and person Wayne was. I suppose as we get older we have to expect to get news of an old friend passing, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Wayne was a great person to have with you “on the 3rd floor and he was my friend ….I will miss him Jim Langenbach (Ret)


Rosetti pic.jpg

Hi, Tom, In memory of NFD Capt. Wayne Rosetti. (Ret.), NFD. Rest in peace, Bro, and may the Good Lord watch over and protect the loved ones you left behind. In the attached pic, Wayne yells down to the pump operator of 12 Engine to charge the deck gun. The fire occurred May 4, 1981, at Springfield Avenue and South 16th Street. Engine 12 was en route to another working fire in the area when they ran into this job, which was two, 3-story frame tenements goin ' good. They requested a box and a 2nd alarm. Regards, Hank

1/1/11 Congrats Steve


Congratulations to Capt. Steve Ciasullo on his election to Mayor of Ogdensburg NJ. Good Luck Your Honor 2011 Reorganization meeting and oaths of office Ogdensburg's new Mayor Steve Ciasullo and new Council members Rob McGuire and Bill Andrews will take place on Monday January 3, 2011 @ the Ogdensburg Firehouse #30 Main st (rt517) Starts @ 7pm.Everyone is invited. Refreshments will be served after meeting.

Posted 12/29/10


'I am saddened to hear of the passing of our Brother Wayne Rosetti. I had the honor of joining Wayne and, if I remember correctly twelve other returning Vietnam Veterans, to form the first class to graduate from the" new" academy. Over our careers we had one hell of a ride,much like a roller coaster, with its ups, downs, and sharp turns, laughter and tears, but always made it back to the fire house and we met some of the greatest human beings, along the way, gentlemen all. I think.LOL Wayne always did things his way. May he rest in peace. For now He is in the great hands of our GOD!" Michael Coale Not sure if he is the first of our group to pass on?. PS. Pass along to those whom I don't have E mails.

Recd. 12/22/10


Hi Tom, Enjoyed that article in the paper about Capt Conville. Your name was mentioned from the archives on his heroics. He sure sounded like a wonderful man and must of been one hell of a fire fighter. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly for about 5 minutes at the Retired Police and Fire picnic in Clark. Danny Sheridan introduced me to him and then about 2 weeks later I seen where he passed away. I would like to wish you and your family a very Joyous Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. I was wonderfing if you could post the following message for me as well: "The Snyder family would like to wish everyone in the NFD and their families a Joyous Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New year." Thanks Tom and have a wonderful day. Bernie Snyder

Credit Union



Pipe Band Request


The Newark Firefighters Pipes and Drums needs our support.They are there for us when called. (It costs over $2000 to outfit one member). D.C. Marcell (Ret) will be coming around for payroll deduction donations, any amount will help. go to on links page

DeLane Fund Donation


Donation Thanks E mail message to: tpmcg873 The Firefighter Michael J. DeLane Fund would like to thank the good friends of the late FF Joe Puorro for their donation in memory of Joe. Our Thanks to FF Carmine Villano (Ret), Bill Aurich, John Tolve, Paul Bella, Val Vena, Fred Martins, Frank Posluszny, Ray Bartko, Charles Cassata. Thank you guys



Congratulations to Jennifer Wells on her appointment to the USMA at West Point. She is the daughter of Firefighter Mike Wells Rescue 1 Tour 1

SSG George O'Dell Jr. reply


I would like to thank the entire Newark Fire Department Family for welcoming me home and keeping all Soldiers in your prayers. It is an honor to be mentioned on your web-site. I pretty much grew-up in the NFD. I remember visiting my Grandfather, FF(Ret) George F. O'Dell Sr. and my Father FF(Ret) George F. O'Dell Jr. and all of our extended family. I was always proud of my Pop, my Dad and all of my "Uncles" and how brave they were. I chose a different profession but the values, work ethic and camaraderie I experienced growing up around Newark's Finest has guided my path in life and reminded me that self-sacrifice, dedication to duty and professionalism are paramount for success. I salute all of you and the bravery you display on a daily basis. My accomplishments could not have been achieved without your influence. GOD Bless you all!! GEORGE F. O'DELL SSG, USA NCOIC, ICU Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Fort Hood, Texas 76544

Letter to Star Ledger


Letter to Star Ledger Posted in Friday Edition May 7, 2010 Readers Forum Truer portrait: In your Sunday, May 2, 2010 editorial, "Pay freezes, round 2" you continue to paint a picture of greed and debauchery on the part of New Jersey fire fighters and police officers, claiming they have lathered themselves for years in a bubble bath of taxpayer generosity. You mistake generosity for appreciation. Hidden in your portrait is the level of training and education that encompass both professions. It also hides the level of stress and the questions of liability that enter the split second decisions that incident commanders and first responders make that impact their own lives, the lives of their crews and the public in general. Hundreds and maybe thousands of lives are on the line. Any profession that comes close to fitting that bill makes much more money. Police and fire fighters are highly skilled and highly trained professionals working in a world in disarray charged with saving lives and protecting property. The people of New Jersey are in good hands. Don't demonize hard working men and woman with ugly characterizations. They deserve better. John Sandella President, Newark Fire Officers Union IAFF, Local 1860

Col. McHugh


In a message dated 5/21/2010 9:01:46 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes: Tom, Great to hear Donald's son in law is doing much better. God bless all of our troops! Unfortunatly , bad news sometimes accompanies good news. I learned Col. John McHugh,who along with four other soldiers killed in Afghanistan three days ago, was first cousin to NFD's famous McCarthy family. Col. McHugh left a wife and five children behind. Let's all keep them in our thoughts and prayers also. We should always keep all of our troops in our prayers. When you see a service member, shake hi hand and say thanks. After 9/11, we handed them a hell of a job! Thanks....ED

Lt. Dan McGrory


Congratulations to new Lt. Dan McGrory on his graduation from West Point. Dan is the grandson of DC Al McGrory (Ret)

Some Thoughts


I had the sad experience today of attending the grave side service for a very good friend from 30 years ago. We had both allowed time and distance to come between us. I now recall so many good times with him, so many cups of firehouse coffee, so many family stories and oh so many laughs. It all came to an end when he suffered an injury that almost ended his career. It occurred on night on Springfield Avenue, at a tenement fire. His leg had been shattered. John was not able to respond to fires for a long period of recuperation. We soon lost the connection that firemen share being in the same firehouse and seeing each other almost daily. But firemen like John Devlin are not easily forgotten, and although the turn out today of Newark Firemen was light, the men who were there shared a bond. We all knew John and called him our friend. I looked at these men today, standing in a pouring rain, sadness etched on their faces, remembering John. We briefly shared our memories of him. All great stories of a great guy. The time that has elapsed since John left the Department has seen so many men from those glory day's, fine, decent and brave men like John go to their final reward. But John, nor our other fallen brothers will never be forgotten. Those of us in attendance today, although senior in years, have the honor and privilege the younger men do not share, we knew John Devlin and were fortunate to have worked by his side. In a Fire Department filled with brave men, John always stood head and shoulders above the rest. He is, and always will be a credit to his fine family, his Country and the Newark Fire Department. May God Bless him and keep him in the palm of his hand. Ed McCarthy, Captain (ret) Newark Fire Department 1963-1993

The Big Racket


Tommy, great to see you today. Eddy. amen my brother,as John is my brother, he will always be in my heart... from the days of old, no more words need be expressed, we all have a special place in are hearts for each other. I thank the Lord for that, and feel great sympathy for the guys who don't have a clue what I'm talking about. It is always tough to lose a member of the true fraternity, but we must take solace in the fact that they are at the big racket,with all who have passed before, and we all will be together again one day. Thanks for sharing Ed, I love you my brother, Tommy,you are the best,thank you for all you do for all of us, Johnny Devlin, be at peace,we will meet again, say hello to all our brothers up there. I love you all...Pete Petrone.

Never Forget


On the passing of John Devlin, another piece of my heart is taken and the sadness of losing a good friend gets greater. Ed McCarthy can wax prose more eloquently than I and reading Peter's thoughts brought back so many great memories. I apologize to John, his family and my brother Newark Firemen, the best fucking organization in the world, that I proudly was a member of for almost 35 years , for not being able to attend to get my chance to say good bye to a good friend. The Big Racket awaits all of us Pete, but it will mean more to some of us than most. It saddens me that the esprit de corps( that's pronounced core not corpse O'Bama) that was in the NFD when I first came in isn't here for a lot of guys on the job. Maybe some of us older guys are to blame for some of it, but the younger guys should wake up and realized what a great organization this is and to see it disappear with some us older guys would, be a great injustice to all that came before. To all my brothers, reitired, enjoy it to the hilt, you deserve it. To you guys that are active be careful and appreciate what it is that you are a part of. Firefighter Don Gilmartin (Ret)

July 23,2010


Just wanted you to know that at 0930hrs today 5 members of Engine 13, ladder 6 put papers in for Sept. 1. Martino, Fedesh, Donatiello brothers, and R.Anesses. Christy broke us. Mick Martino

Financial advice ( My son in law)


Gil Bovell, CRPC | Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch | 1200 Howard Blvd., Suite 300 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: 856 231 5597 | Toll Free: 888 939 9630 | Fax: 856 283 0852 | email: (He will give NFD members free advice on any retirement or investment questions you may have)

Thank You from the Marcell family


The Marcell family, Kyle and myself would like to thank the “Blaze on the Beach” and our Newark Fire Department Family of Brothers who attended this year’s event for their generosity, thoughtfulness and support in Kyle’s fight with testicular cancer; we will never forget your kindness. A special thank you to the founders and organizers: Al Carlucci, Danny Farrell, and Damian Emerick; our gratitude cannot be expressed in words. We would also like to take this time to thank everyone for their prayers, support and donations that made Kyle’s Benefit a success on July 18th. The day was overwhelming and you could feel the love in the air; over a thousand tickets were sold and Kyle received many donations. A special thanks to the Newark Firefighter Pipe Band for their performance and support and to so many of my Fire Department friends and brothers both active and retired; they will always remain in our hearts. Please continue to keep Kyle in your prayers as he is under going surgery on Monday, August 2nd at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Thank you again, Kenny Marcell

Singer Family Reply


I want to thank you and all the men who came with the Pipe Band again. Your participation in dad's interment and your warm embracing of our family at my home were beyond the call of duty. Your generous gifts of time, talent, and tankards made an indelible mark on us all. I was especially moved by the honor and respect shown to dad for his service, and the brotherhood on display, and I am so happy the next generation of our family got to share in that. I am sure it helped bring more of dad and his time as a firefighter to life for them. I've attached a couple pictures capturing the involvement of the band. I can't wait to see the video and relisten to the soulful rendering of Amazing Grace, and we will pass it along with stills from the professional photographer once they are available. Warmest Regards, Theresa (Singer) Toia

DeLane Fund Thanks


Thank You, This past Friday, Aug. 27, 2010 the annual Michael J. DeLane Fund "Day at the Races" was held. I want to thank all who attended. This event is a key fundraiser whose profits (if any) go to help many in need. A special thanks goes to Capt. Steve DeCeuster who organizes this event every year. It has now been 16 years since Firefighter Mike DeLane died in the line of duty and many who knew Mike may have retired, passed away or know him just as another name on the honor roll of the NFD. Having talked to many veterans on the job, I'm told there is a sense today that the younger members now on the job do not have the concern for honoring the legacy of our fallen brothers. I hope that is not the case. It has been nine years since the last LODD (FF Larry Webb) and the sadness that comes with that has not hit home to the newer members. Maybe it's due to the decreased workload, the work schedule or the thought that this is just another job. To the young members, I can only say, please don't let this happen. Anyone of us could have been Mike or Larry. Never forget those that gave all. TPM Aug.29,2010

Letter of Thanks


The 37th Annual NFD-Capt. Vic Lardiere Memorial Golf Tournament had one of it's best days ever, weather wise that is. Also, the consensus of us veteran Weequahic players is that it has never been in better shape, never, amazing. Thanks to everyone who did come out Wednesday. You deserved the beautiful day you had. My heartfelt gratitude goes to our primary sponsors, the Newark Firefighter's Union and the Newark Fire Officer's Union, Local 1860 IAFF, as well as our many corporate, fraternal and professional benefactors, without whom we obviously could not possibly hope to succeed. However, after close to 20 years of running this thing, and raising untold thousands for the Mike De lane Memorial Fund, to have such a lackluster response by the members of the NFD is indeed unfortunate. When we don't make a concerted effort to come together in remembrance of our fallen brothers and further a cause for the greater good, than everything else we do as a community begins to border on the insignificant. While realizing that the fruits of my final effort failed to meet expectations, I remain committed to the cause. I have been in conversation with certain individuals looking to forge ahead in the name of brotherhood and charity and I stand ready to assist them in any way possible. The 38th Annual NFD Memorial will take place in September 2011. We are counting on members who share this devotion to get it done and keep the tradition alive. Can we count on YOU? It has been an honor and privilege to serve not only as your Chairman but as a member of the greatest Fire Department in the world. God Bless the NFD, Jack Doll